(above- tablescape for the Rotterdam Museumpark Dinner "Reflections of the Architect's Vision", see video below)

"Each meal, be it for a table of 2 or a tent-full, an intimate history or a mission statement, is a story of its own.

I co-author these stories, interpreting your vision through bespoke menus, creating singular moments WITH plotlines that you can literally "sink your teeth into", that come to life in memories that stick with you".whether yours is a family gathering, friends sharing a milestone birthday or a team-building event,How can I help you tell your story?

Here is a storied menu... 

... we created for the Maquette Museumpark in Rotterdam, interpreting their Mission Statement in six courses:

Vision video for the Museumpark. The team came to Silicon Valley to fundraise, presenting to Dutch philanthropists and innovators. Our challenge was to interpret the museum's six core principles through food.

AMUSE: expect the unexpected

Avocado Sorbet

Turning the concept of a museum on it's head, the Museumpark will be the world's first uncurated art collection. Instead of seeing just 15% of the art the museum owns (this is typical of any museum), all the art will be on display and visitors will "curate" their own way through the collection. (See video above, minute 3:00). We turned dinner on its head, serving a savory "dessert" as the first course.


borscht 3.jp3

SOUP COURSE: intimacy

Golden and Red Borscht/ Horseradish-Dill Sour cream

The “red” and “golden” liquid is presented as a palette, guests are encouraged to create an “intimate conversation in a plate” as they mix the ingredients; just as the Museumpark will allow visitors a unique intimacy with art.

seafood plate in fog.png

seafood COURSE: innovation

Poke (Hawaiian Raw Tuna Salad)/Sesame Seed/Scallions

Tequila-Cilantro Cured Salmon/Lime Crema

Scallop Carpaccio/Ginger-Chive Salsa

Golden Caviar/Cucumber Coin

An innovative presentation in a "fog on a plate", in a nod to the museum's innovative approach to sharing art.



Pumpkin Tamal in Banana Leaf/ Ricotta/Sikil Pak
(Sikil Pak is a Pumpkin Seed Sauce from Mexico’s Yucatan)

Dinner guests “unpack” the food package, just as museum visitors will have the opportunity to see how art is unpacked in its receiving area




Filet Mignon with a Flight of Accompaniments for Pairing

Cognac-Peppercorn Cream Sauce/Blueberry Poblano Sauce/ Chimichurri Butter

Just as museum visitors will be able to choose what art to view (as opposed to having a curator choose for them).

Photo by Sweets Collections

Photo by Sweets Collections



We asked gelatin artist Rosa Rodriguez to create one of her artisanal Gelatina Artistica desserts to interpret the museum's focus on transparency-- the way each visitor can "see into" the entire process of putting a museum together. Gelatina Artistica is an edible art form that came to Mexico via France, during Napoleon's occupation of that country, and where the Mexican's perfected it. All ingredients are 100% edible.