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Just for Valentine's Day, each course is selected not just for its flavor profile, but also for how the ingredients set the mood for a romantic evening like no other. The science behind the chosen ingredients is listed with each of the eight dishes.

Chicken Rose Petals (not mine).jpg
  • Start with a Spicy Tequilito- like a Mojito but made with mescal, lime juice, mint leaves, chipotle, and agave. The use of chilies as an aphrodisiac was common in both Aztec and Inca cultures and recorded by early Spanish explorers after contact in the 16th century AD.

  • Scallops/Avocado Pearls/Pimenton Oil- while the aphrodisiac qualities of seafood may be exaggerated, foods that are high in zinc, like scallops, are a known stimulant for the prostate and therefore an aphrodisiac for men in particular.

  • Beet/Baby Greens/Pepitas- both beets, and greens are high in folic acid (which helps with virility) and pepitas are high in zinc.

  • Blackberry Mole/Blue Corn Tortillas/Queso Fresco- tenth-century Arab physicians, considered blackberries to be an aphrodisiac, and the properties of both chocolate and chilies are well-known.

  • Quail in Rose Petal Sauce (even the name sounds romantic) - this dish, made with almonds, rose petals and tunas or prickly pear, which is the fruit of the nopal cactus; was made famous in Laura Esquivel’s best seller, which was later made into a film, Like Water for Chocolate

  • A little something French is always romantic - so we add the traditional French digestif, a cheese course

  • Chocolate Mousse with Rosewater & Cardamon (considered an aphrodisiac in Arabic cultures as noted in this ancient work of literature, "The Perfumed Garden of Sensual Delight" / Pistachio Dust

choc musse rose whipped.jpeg

Dinner for 2/$650, dinner for 4/$850, includes wine pairings. For larger parties, pricing starts at $150/person.

Later Event: April 19
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